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Platinum Home Inspection

The core of Spectrum USA's services is pre-sale home inspections. Most often buyers hire us, but we also do pre-listing inspections for sellers. Pre-listing inspections offer sellers' added confidence of an unbiased inspection and the benefit of competitive pricing of repairs without the added pressure of a pending sale riding on the need of immediate repairs. 

The process of inspecting homes for buyers or sellers is exactly the same. We follow all the same systems and processes ensuring our customer (either buyer or seller) receives the same thorough evaluation.

Walk-Through Evaluations

Walk-through evaluations include a general overview of the property without going into the detail of a Home Inspection. Walk-Throughs include report with photos and overviews of marginal items and defects found. It's important to note that Walk-Throughs only offer limited information on the condition of the property due to the nature of the evaluation.

Limited-Scope Inspections

Additionally, we offer limited-scope inspections for home owners with specific needs and concerns. This may include a roof inspection, foundation inspection, leak diagnosis, or any number of concerns. As with our Home Inspections, our limited-scope inspections are never a "Sales Call." Too often in the construction business, homeowners schedule a contractor to help them with a specific problem only to find the person wants to "sell" a big ticket repair. Our business at Spectrum USA is identifying and evaluating problems--we work for you and your family.


We also offer consultations concerning all aspects of your home ranging from structural concerns when remodeling, to general maintenance recommendations and planning for future sale of the home. Regardless of your needs, we provide expert advice to assure your needs are met in a reasonable and economical manner.